Neuro-Educational Clinic

Specializing in Second Opinion Evaluations* for school age students - 
Neuropsychological, Psycho-Educational, ERMHS**, and Transition Plans 
(English, Spanish, or Bilingual)

*Second Opinion Evaluations - Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

**ERMHS - Educationally Related Mental Health Services  


Due to the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in today's world, schools are currently closed and are implementing academic instruction via Distance Learning/Virtual Programs. However, Neuro-Educational Clinic continues to accept new IEE referrals. 

Please contact Dr. Veronica by phone (951) 266-6223 for any questions. Or, simply send new referrals by email to

Our office is open by appointment-only. The IEE process begins by reviewing the student's records as well as by gathering pertinent information from parents, teachers, and DIS providers (as well as from students when age-appropriate) Thus, half of the IEE process can still occur at this time. This ensures that the IEE is on a time-efficient course in light of the pandemic. 

We appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time! Please know that Dr. Veronica makes it her priority to complete IEEs in a timely manner while ensuring the safety of your child, yourself, and your loved ones.